Hi friend!

This site is a little love letter from me, Dan Hannigan, to the tech industry of Denver. I’ve been involved with the industry in some form or another for over eight years now! In that time, I’ve met a ton of wonderful people, started some communities (Denver Devs and Denver Tech Social Club), and got to experience a lot of great things.

When I was working on the Denver Tech Social Club and realized that when I google “Denver tech community,” a few things come up, but none of them helped me in my search. When I look for the “Denver tech community,” I want to see everything it offers. Meetups, chat communities, conferences, job boards, coworking spaces, schools & boot camps, coffee shops that are good to work out of, or stuff that’s being made by folks in our community! So, I made it.

The tech stack

Chakra UI
Plausible (analytics)

Now for some Q&A:

How do I suggest new entries?

Hit that button in the lower left-hand of every page (or in the menu on mobile), or click this link!

How do I get an entry removed?

When visiting an entry page, there are buttons at the bottom for suggesting edits or removing. These pop up an email dialogue to me prefilled with some handy info; drop in the rest of the info, and I’ll take care of the rest!

How can I suggest a new collection or category?

Just shoot me an email! I’d love to keep adding more and more things to this site.

Why isn’t this open-sourced?

I chewed on this for a bit but decided I wanted to keep it private, so I could move quickly and make it feel truly mine. I might open-source it in the future, but TBH it’s not that technical. If you want to make something like this for your community, feel free to reach out!

I found a bug; how do I report it?

Uh oh! You can report bugs by clicking this link (it’s a mailto link with some info filled out). Be sure to include as much detail as possible, like how to replicate it and what you saw. Screenshots or videos are best.

Can I get my thing advertised here?

Nope, no advertisements. If you want to support me & the development of the site, feel free to hit up my Ko-Fi page.